Moose Meat Loaf

Now everyone likes a good meat loaf every now and then and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can make it with grounded moose meat. Thankfully we live in Alaska and grounded moose meat can come fairly easy! This recipe can be done with regular ground beef as well.

Ingredients (Meat loaf):

1 Envelope of Lipton Recipe Secrets: Onion
2 lbs of ground beef
3/4 cups fresh breadcrumbs
2 eggs
3/4 cups of water
1/3 cups of ketchup

Ingredients (The glaze):

1/2 cups of ketchup
1/2 cups of pancake syrup


Set oven to 350 degrees. Take off your wedding rings because it’s gonna get messy. Combine the ground beef, onion mix, breadcrumbs, eggs, water, & ketchup in a large mixing bowl and dive in with your hands. Mix it, roll it, squeeze it, get up all in it. Shape into a loaf and set it in a 13×9-inch baking or roasted pan.

Mix the ingredients for the glaze in a separate bowl. After 30 minutes cook time, remove the loaf and glaze the top with the mix. Place back into the oven for 15 minutes and then glaze once more. Insert back into the oven for another 15 minutes or until done. Remove the roast and let sit for 10 minutes.

Shout out to Lipton and Progresso for making life easy!


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